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Viola for Sale – Brutus (2012), price on application


Viola for Sale:

“Brutus” Viola No.1, J.B.Guadagnini 1785 pattern.

Made in Melbourne 2012 by Andrew George Metaxas (signed on the label).

L.O.B. 16 ¼ inches (412 mm)

String length: 375 mm

General description:

The front is of fully seasoned European Spruce of medium to medium-fine grain, widening slightly towards the flanks. The back is of fully seasoned European Maple, quarter-sawn showing a moderate curl figure- the ribs and scroll/neck stock are matching.

The upper bouts are rounded (but not overly so), giving the upper register very easy accessibility.

Varnish and finish:

It has been antiqued to highlight the graduation of layering, simulating the patination expected of a well preserved late 18th century specimen and showing the full glory of the beautiful figure in the timber.

Not only does this viola delight the eye but to the player and listener alike, its true worth is in its tone.

Tonal character:

The tone is powerful, deep, rich, clear and capable of great modulation in tonal colour in all registers. This gives great satisfaction to the player but also having great strength in projection. The C string is deep and rich, while the A string is full and sweet. The middle strings form a beautifully balanced bridge between the upper and lower registers so the instrument in complete harmony.

Price on application

Please contact me to arrange a viewing or a trial of this instrument.