Viola and violin teacher, viola maker and instrument repairer

Violas for sale

Violas for sale in Melbourne, Australia

The instruments I build are based on time-tested models. Thus far, I have completed violas based on a 1785 Guadagnini pattern, the mid-scale pattern of noted Australian maker A E Smith and small-scale violas based on a 1580 Gasparo da Salo pattern.  I’m currently making a viola based on an early 19th century William Forster III small viola.

Violas currently available for sale:

Brutus – AUD8,000 (1785 Guadagnini, 16 ¼ inches, made 2012); available through Robinson’s Violin Place, Chatswood, Sydney

Titus – AUD8,000 (1785 Guadagnini, 16 ¼ inches, made 2013); available through Theo’s Music, West Leederville, Perth

Cicero – AUD10,000 (1947 AE Smith, 16 ¾ inches, made 2014)

Octavius – AUD14,000 (1580 Gasparo da Salo, 15 ⅜ inches, 2015)

Cicero and Octavius above are available for trial from my workshop/studio at Brunswick East, Melbourne. By arrangement, these instruments can be couriered elsewhere in Australia.