Viola and violin teacher, viola maker and instrument repairer


Testimonials on teaching

I have been having lessons from Andrew for about 6 months and already the improvement in my playing is astounding! Andrew has a keen eye for detail in that he looks closely at everything I’m doing and constantly corrects flaws in my technique. Andrew’s approach to teaching is positive and encouraging, and the learning environment is inspiring with many beautiful instruments adorning the studio. His love of music is deep which is reflected in his great knowledge of all areas – theory, technique and history, as well as the AMEB syllabus. I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew as a teacher for viola and violin to people of all ages.

– Alister – violin student

Andrew is a consummate performer and gifted music teacher who is not only able to perform, but can eloquently explain and effectively communicate complex technical concepts simply to his students. As an experienced music teacher myself, I have found too often that great performers often do not make good teachers due to their natural musical talent resulting in them not understanding or having fully analysed the mechanics of their own brilliance. However, Andrew is a truly rare case where his natural gift for performance has proven to be far from a handicap to him as a teacher. In being able to read his students well, communicate effectively with them and then set a high standard of performance by example, Andrew has helped me advance more rapidly on the violin than I could have imagined, despite having discovered the instrument later in life. Wherever my journey with the instrument will take me, I will always remain grateful to Andrew for his tutelage and mentorship. I cannot recommend Andrew enough to other students seeking the crucial next step in their musical journey.

Felix Thiang – violin student