Viola and violin teacher, viola maker and instrument repairer

Instrument restoration, adjustment and repairs

Instrument restoration, adjustment and repairs

Andrew’s interest in repairing and restoring string instruments began in 1997 when he made his first chinrest. He then proceeded to make more instrument accessories, including a matching chinrest and tailpiece for the then TSO principal violist Janet Rutherford from Tasmanian myrtle.

To date, he has restored two violins — a Mittenwald violin dating from the 1780s and a high-end 19th century German trade instrument. He is current completing a major restoration of a Luigi Bajoni violin made in 1880 in Milan.

From Andrew’s workshop studio, he is also able to complete routine repairs, such as new bridges and soundposts and fixing open seams and cracks. Tonal adjustments and instrument set-ups for violins and violas are his specialty, through which he can draw on his considerable playing and teaching experience to optimise your instrument’s performance.

Please contact Andrew if you are interested in restoring, adjusting or repairing your violin, viola or cello.